Akhil Bhakti Yoga

In most cases, when you hear the word yoga, you immediately consider your body posture. The history of yoga shows not only the physical exercise, philosophy of life but also the body posture and harmonious tools beyond the five thousand years of knowledge and research to maintain some of the backgrounds.

Bhakti Yoga

What does Bhakti Yoga mean?

Bhakti, the Sanskrit word comes from root bhaj which means “to worship or worship God”. Bhakti yoga is known as “love for love” and “love and dedication”. Like any other form of yoga, Bhakti yoga is a self-fulfilling path and experiences everything together.

There are nine main examples of Bhakti Yoga. Each of these creates a specific emotion that appeals to the various internal constitutions of the practitioner.

9 limbs of devotion

1. Shravana – “Listen” to the ancient temple, especially if the saint or genuine Bata speaks.
2. Kirtana – A song of “song” faith practised in the form of calls and response groups in general.
3. Smarana – I remember God by constantly meditating on name and form.
4. “Serving on foot” of God, which incorporates the practice of karma yoga (selfless service) with Padasevana-bhakti (devotion).
5. “Conscious worship” of God through practice such as Archana-puja (divine worship) and havan or homa (donated).
6. Vandana – “Scar” before imaging the image or god of your choice.
7. Dasya – an “unambiguous” commitment to the cultivation-related gods who serve God’s will in lieu of his pride.
8. Sakhya – relationship with “friendship” established between God and devotees.
9. Atmanivedana – “self-sacrifice” and completely abandons God’s pride.

Expanding the meaning of “Bhakti Yoga”

Many modern-day batik yoga believes that “master” can be found in everything. At that time, devotion became a state of mind, consciousness, including accepting lovers in some form.

Meditation For Success

Everyone shares the love experience, but everything looks different. Some fall in love with other aspects of nature, others dance or poetic. It can look like many other things. I will not try to determine for whom this is, but it is my hope that only by teaching in inner love, people feel welcome and discover it.

Bhakti Yoga is a road to the Dedication

Bhakti yoga is a respected yoga system that can guide you through your true understanding of your true personality. Gnana yoga (unique knowledge and insight), Karma Yoga (behavioural skills) Kriya yoga (ritual behaviour), Hata Yoga (starting workout) and Raja yoga are another ways to self-realization are changing the person’s consciousness in the. Although the path may resonate more strongly to many people, this path is not mutually exclusive.

Life Lesson

Some Westerners are involved in godly yoga through prayer or kirtan occasionally. But if you are a serious practitioner who wants to be united with God, you must take a more rigorous approach.

The Bhakti Yoga philosophy

You can know some of the potential similarities in all the yoga practices when you study those in the most classical and most modern adaptations of all the other school types. In the most classic form of yoga, we can find karma yoga (action yoga), jnana yoga (wisdom yoga) and bhakti yoga (love and devotion yoga).

Bhakti Yoga is a beautiful practice, and famous people like Mother Theresa have dedicated her life to it. With the mercy of harvest, kindness and unconditional love, we open every moment of life to find happiness in service, and this point of yoga can be enjoyed perfectly. In this way, our responsibilities are no longer perceived as duties and instead add value and meaning to life.

Love For Yoga

Bhakti Yoga Practice

There is no fixed way to do Bhakti yoga. Some people want to recite, pray, and use recitation orders in meditation. Others want to build a simple and personalized altar containing inspirational articles and photos. To practice every day, we can ask a few questions to ourselves.

● Are we full of love and compassion when dealing with others?
● Do we tend to help people?
● Do we often judge their behaviour?
● Are we really trying to understand them?
● How do you think we should act or take action to make people love us?

Do not forget yourself, a very important person when we practice love. Each of us is a miracle, so we must all be kind and respectful. The more we value ourselves, the more we must build up our strength and abandon unhealthy relationships, attachment, and fear. The more we love the more we can accept everything good in life.

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